Rugby Education Foundation

SA Rugby established the Rugby Educational Foundation (REF) in 2015. The purpose is to support talented rugby players with Education Bursaries, to enable them to balance formal education and high performance training.

Bursary recipients are predominantly from disadvantaged communities in South Africa. These scholarships offer opportunities for the youth of South Africa (men and women) to enrol in selected schools or tertiary rugby academies.

The end goal is to equip players with a holistic education and to deliver more employable individuals. During 2018 a total of 52 young players received bursaries from the REF, of which 75% are black players. The goal is to build on this good start and to grow the bursary fund to be able to support more than 90 players annually.


Apart from the full academic fees, the annual bursary aims to cover aspects such as: accommodation, meals, medical services, medical aid, mentorship, gym access, strength & conditioning training, rugby coaching, transport, kit, stipends and life skills. Scholarships for players vary between R60,000 to R130,000 per year.

Corporates and individuals qualify for various tax incentives:

• Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization

• SARS approved as PBO (PBO number 930053333)

• Has 18A Tax Status

• Fits well into the Corporate CSI as well as Skills Development (SDL) funding

• Donations qualify for deductions from Income Tax (10% of taxable income)

Hans Scriba, who also heads up the SA Rugby Academy Programme, runs the Foundation and reports to the Board of Directors. Donors receive regular progress reports on the programme and the players. The financials of the Foundation are audited and are made available to donors.

For any further information please contact:

Hans Scriba, General Manager Rugby Educational Foundation


M: +27 (0) 72 631 2875