The Gold Cup is the premier rugby union club competition in South Africa for non-university teams and has the same format as the Rugby World Cup. The teams are divided into four pools, each containing five teams. They then play four pool games, playing every other teams in their respective pools once. Two home games and two away games are played by each team.

The history

The Gold Cup was launched in 2013 as the Community Cup, which basically replaced the old National Club Championships. It was renamed to the Gold Cup in 2016, when teams from Namibia and Zimbabwe were also included in the competition. The Gold Cup was created as a national competition for non-university clubs and teams from across the country, from big cities and small towns, take part in this wonderful competition which speaks the to heart of the game in South Africa.


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06 Apr |Impala Rugby Club, Rustenburg

Rustenburg Impala

36 - 20


14 Apr |Impala Rugby Club, Rustenburg

Rustenburg Impala

37 - 31