Authentic Springbok supporters wear is only available online from a number of legitimate websites, such as, on the digital platforms of well-known retailers such as Sportsmans Warehouse, Totalsports and Studio88, and established online retailers such as

“We’ve seen many websites pop up online calling themselves ‘official’ to get on the Springbok bandwagon, but they never deliver and consumers end up out of pocket,” said Rian Oberholzer, CEO of SA Rugby.

“They cut-and-paste genuine marketing material from Nike to pass themselves off as having stock – even at discounted prices. But they are deceiving the public who should only purchase from established outlets from brands with which they are familiar.

“We realise many supporters are keen to get their hands on the new range from Nike, but we would warn them to only buy from official and well-known outlets or risk being defrauded.”

SA Rugby in particular advised fans to stay away from websites such as or, as well as accounts on social media advertising Springbok-branded gear at unrealistically reduced prices. SA Rugby was taking legal action in an attempt to protect supporters by having these sites taken down.

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